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Since 1996 we have been helping residents and commercial businesses save money by designing and installing the most economical and self-sustaining renewable energy systems, including solar panels, and off-grid solar and wind systems. Independent Power Systems serves Boulder, Denver, and the entire Front Range of Colorado.

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Colorado is one of the top states for installing solar panels because it receives so much solar energy daily. We use SunPower solar panels, the most efficient rooftop solar panels on the market, ensuring maximum production throughout the life of your solar power system. Using the most efficient solar panels also ensures a quick payback period. Whether the solar power system is for your home or business in Colorado, we not only design and install the system, but also educate you on the financing, incentives, and technology behind the solar power system that’s going on your roof.

Roof too small or too old? Not a problem, we have multiple other options available, like ground mounted solar panels, and solar awnings, in addition to mobile solar power systems. Also, because flooding is a part of living in Colorado, we offer battery-based backup systems so your solar array can keep functioning and powering your home (and sump pump) even when the grid is down.

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