The Independent Power System Off Grid AC-Couple kit keeps the lights on when the grid goes down.


About Backup Power

Back up power is becoming increasingly valuable as power outages become more frequent and last longer. Back up power systems are part of our DNA. We offer every possible back up power solution to meet your desired level security and independence from the grid.

Battery based, AC coupled systems allow your grid-tie solar system to continue to power your home when the grid is down. Strictly grid-tied systems do not work with the grid is down. Our batter back up systems are tailored to work with your existing solar system and to power part or all of your home – indefinitely.

We offer the Kohler line of generators which we have a lot of experience with and can attest to their reliability. When it comes to back up power, reliability is key. For shorter outages (hours or days) generators are often the most practical means to provide electricity. For prolonged outages or serious infrastructure disasters a generator may not be the ultimate source. In this case, solar and or wind power is the better choice and can provide power to your home indefinitely.

Off-Grid AC Couple Kits
AC coupling is the term for adding a battery based inverter system to your home’s electrical system which allows it to keep your home and your grid-tie system operational. So it essentially turns your grid-tie only system into a full fledged, off-grid system. Learn more about the Off-Grid AC Couple Kit from Independent Power Systems.

These systems can be integrated to your home to work with your existing solar system at any time.

Preparing for hurricane season in Massachusetts? Learn more about Emergency Battery Backup in Massachusetts.

Worried about flooding in Colorado? Learn about the advantages of Emergency Battery Backup in Colorado. Electrical service is one of the worst things to fail in an emergency, like a natural disaster. Not only is your heating and air conditioning dependent on electricity, but your fridge as well, leading to food spoilage at a time when staying inside may be your best choice. A backup source of electricity is necessary for keeping the TV on for news coverage, and for keeping your mobile phones charged for communicating with the outside world. Some of you may need your well water pump to keep running, or your sump pump to keep operating, regardless of the conditions outside or the failures of your utility company.