guyless tiltdown wind tower


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A KEY component in a small wind system is the tower. The tower is often the least considered aspect of a small wind system and yet THE MOST IMPORTANT.  The tower should make owning a wind turbine an experience that results in easy and safe access to the turbine.   Subjecting customers to the hazards involved in servicing wind turbines on towers that require climbing or are of the lowered guyed towers is a bad idea. The tower solution must serve the turbine owner first and foremost so that regular inspections of the turbine are easy and safe to do.  This way the turbine owner will be encouraged to do periodic inspections. A regularly inspected turbine is a well performing and long lasting turbine that will provide off-grid electricity for years to come!

Small wind turbine towers are available in a few types: Guyed-Static towers, Guyed-tlitdown towers, Lattice non-tilt down towers, mono-pole towers, guy-less tilt down towers.  For the sake of safety and convenience we have developed our own guy less tilt down tower – the GLTD tower for small wind turbine applications and hybrid wind and solar applications. And its made in Bozeman, Montana, USA.