guyless tiltdown wind tower


Guyless Tiltdown (GLTD) Towers

The Ultimate small wind turbine Tower!

The GLTD tower is the result of over ten years of constant development of a tower that was inherently safe when lowering the wind turbine and that allowed bringing the wind turbine to any convenient height for inspection and service. By making flying and owning  a wind turbine a rewarding experience, the tower makes small wind a viable and sustainable resource. Independent Power Systems has developed this tower for a safer and easier method to install and service small wind turbines. We have extensive experience installing and working with standard tower designs, and with this experience we have realized their shortcomings and the potential for problems.

About the GLTD Tower

The GLTD tower is a cantilevered design that stands 40 feet tall and hinges 15 feet above the ground. An integrated, industrial hand winch allows raising and lower of the tower by one person, making installation, inspection, and service very easy. An automatic disc brake system incorporated into the winch prevents the tower from falling and makes raising and lowering of the tower very safe. The winch and winch line are always connected to the tower, thereby preventing the possibility of operator error.


Our tallest GLTD tower is 40 feet tall. It works best in locations that have little obstructions, i.e. open land areas or coastal locations. Consult with the wind turbine manufacturer for minimum tower height required for your site.

Ideal Applications:

  • Off-grid and on-grid home power
  • Telecom
  • Water pumping
  • Applications where only a single person will be available for turbine inspection
  • Locations with limited space for anchors or a runway needed for guyed tilt down towers

Kit Parts

Our GLTD tower comes as a complete wind turbine installation kit. Everything is included for a full install, less concrete and the cable from the tower junction box to the power center. The tower top is predrilled or adapted for your specific turbine.

Options and Accessories:

  • Galvanizing option: Galvanizing (ASTM 123) is available and necessary for coastal locations; please specify when ordering.
  • Battery pack: Maintenance-free batteries installed in NEMA 3R enclosure bolts on to tower base. Contact IPS for design specifics.
  • AC power pack: Adds an inverter to the battery pack for on-site 120/240 volt power.
  • Grid-tie kit: A grid-tie inverter and controls mounts in an NEMA 3R enclosure that bolts to the tower.
  • Pumping kit: Includes Grundfos Sqflex pump and preassembled and wired controllers in an NEMA 3R enclosure that bolts to the tower.

Contact IPS for specifics and to match your application requirements with the right components.

Installation Requirements

A qualified, licensed contractor should install your tower. Installation instructions are provided at the time of tower purchase. Check local building codes and regulations concerning tower location and height requirements.


Your tower is covered by a standard five-year warranty. In order for the warranty to be effective, IPS must receive a photo of the installation and a completed warranty registration form.