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Power Tower

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The Power Tower is absolutely the ultimate platform for creating your own power for off-grid independence. It offers the synergistic benefits of tapping both solar and wind energy and in a package that caters to safety, convenience and elegance. Combining both power generators (wind turbine with solar panels) in a single structure results in material-use and cost efficiencies. The result is a much lower overall system cost. The structure of the tower makes for the narrowest possible tower profile – as such the tower does a good job of being less noticeable than other types of towers.

Solar and wind energy are available to some degree at most every location AND they occur in a complimentary manner. The times when sun is less prevalent, wind can be and often is prevalent. This harmony of resources creates a more steady flow of electrical energy than either source alone and this makes all the difference when it comes to providing off-grid power to run a home.

The Power Tower





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For at glance features and specifications, download the Power Tower Data Sheet.

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The Ultimate Energy Harvesting Platform

The Power Tower is an offering unique to IPS. Our guy-less, tilt-down tower is the main platform that not only holds the wind turbine but also the solar array for the synergistic combination of solar power coupled wind power.

The synergy of combining wind and solar result in many benefits:

  • Radically reduced generator run-time = less or no fuel costs, minimized generator maintenance expenses, increased generator service life, lower emissions, less noise
  • Substantially decreased average battery depth of discharge = smaller battery bank, longer battery service life

The Power Tower is available as a complete, turnkey off-grid power system replete with solar panels, wind turbine, battery bank, inverters, and switch gear. Alternately, it is available as a platform only where you can add your own turbine and solar panels and other equipment.

Learn more about the Power Tower.

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Energy Independence  When It Counts!

On Halloween 2011, 4 inches of wet snow fell in much of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, resulting in downed trees and wires, with a power outage that lasted four days. That was the last straw for our all-electric, well- and septic-dependent household. We decided to pursue energy independence…read the rest of the letter Energy Independence When It Counts and other correspondence in the April/May 2013 issue of Home Power Magazine.