save money with a solar pv system

Why Solar

Save Money

Independent Power Systems can help you reduce or eliminate a lifetime of electric bills with solar electric system.  Solar electric ensures that no matter how fast energy prices rise, your electric cost stays the same.

The average user saves $10,000 or more over the course of a typical solar lease or purchase and with production payments, your solar system pays you from the moment it’s turned on. With high-efficiency SunPower solar panels, your roof’s maximum power output can be achieved, providing more than enough energy for your home and earning you the maximum in production payments.

Solar Savings Chart
Average per month Yrs 1-5 Yrs 1-10 Yrs 1-15 Yrs 1-20 Yrs 1-25
Current electricity bill $225 $260 $302 $352 $413
New solar bill (after-tax) $183 $195 $212 $237 $265
Savings per month $42 $65 $89 $115 $148
Total Saving (term) $2,528 $7,746 $16,094 $27,585 $44,256


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