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Lead Installer - Boulder, CO

Job Title: Solar Installer

Location: Lee Hill Office, Boulder CO

Division/Department: Operations team

Reports to: Installation Manager

Job Summary

The Lead Installer is responsible for the successful installation of assigned projects. The Lead Installer works closely with the Install Manager and the Operations Manager to organize, execute, and follow-up on each individual project. He or she supervises a 3-4 person crew of installers and coordinates with electricians to ensure that each installation is completed in a timely manner and meets quality standards. The Lead Installer is also responsible for completing and managing project-related documents.

Essential Functions

Plan Installation:

  • Meet with the Installation Manager weekly to determine the week’s installation schedule and confirm Lead Installer assignments to upcoming projects.
  • Review assigned project details and drawings and organize crew members. Delegate prep work, arrange equipment rental and schedule necessary vehicles. Communicate with other Lead Installers and Operations Manager regarding special scheduling needs.
  • Manage project budgets and set expectations for the crew to ensure jobs come out on-time and on budget.
  • Use cut-sheet to pack vehicle before leaving for the job. Make sure vehicles are clean, organized, gassed up, and stocked with necessary materials.
  • Complete monthly tool checks (individual crew member and crew equipment)
  • Responsible for reporting all maintenance to Install or Ops Manager and to care for assigned vehicle

Supervise Installation:

  • Track all labor hours per job using the As-built. Include prep work, travel, and installation.
  • Ensure all safety and quality standards are met on the job site.
  • Upon arrival at job-site, plan approach, array installation, and electrical work per drawings. Define special conditions and delegate tasks to individual crew members.
  • Communicate with the customer each time prior to arriving or leaving to the job site and arrange entry to the property if necessary.
  • Provide on-site training and coaching when necessary and ensure that the job site is kept neat and left clean.
  • Make all decisions on the job-site. Call the Install Manager or Journeyman Electrician for consultation when necessary. Refer all customer questions to Operations Manager.
  • If additional materials are used or purchased to complete the job, add these to the per-job materials checklist. Delegate the inclusion of all electrical materials to the electrician.
  • Report to Install Manager on a daily basis to report job progress.
  • Inform the Install Manager when the job is ready for inspection. Verify that permit is on-site and accessible and ask Operations Manager if a ladder or specific tool needs to be left for the inspector.
  • Before leaving the job-site: Complete the installation checklist, create a string map, ensure the project site is left neat and take photos before leaving the job.


  • Deliver installation checklist to Installation Manager. Deliver per-job materials binders checklist to Install Manager.
  • Complete the As-Built and Labor Hours worksheets within 2 days of successful inspection. Use the Labor Tracking form and the Materials checklist to complete the As-Built.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Lead bi-monthly installation meetings and assist with training initiatives when directed.
  • Test and report on products/materials used.
  • Develop best practices and work with the engineering department to implement maximum efficacy and quality installations.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Education: Highschool Diploma
  • Desired Knowledge: Jobsite Management, NEC, UBC, NABCEP, and OSHA standards
  • Experience: 1-2 years in the solar contracting industry
  • Other Information: Full-time, Mon-Fri with over-time as necessary

How to Apply

To apply for the Service Technician position, please submit your resume to

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