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Solar Battery Storage Services

Store Energy for When You Need it Most

Power what’s most important in your life with best-in-class solar battery backup systems from Independent Power. Our battery solutions feature the highest-quality components and safest battery chemistries to ensure your critical or whole house loads are reliably backed up—even if there’s an outage! We are proud to offer premium energy storage solutions like the American-made Blue Ion and Sun Xtender® deep-cycle AGM batteries capable of powering applications even in the harshest environments.

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Benefits of Backup Solar Batteries

Independent Power partners with premium battery manufacturers like SunPower, Humless, and Rolls Surrette to offer best-in-class energy storage solutions for grid-tied and off-grid applications. Each battery is safe, reliable, and comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your project’s energy needs.

Some common benefits to solar batteries are:

  • Power when you need it most: Solar panels work during the day, but at night or on cloudy days, the solar batteries provide reserve power.
  • Lower electricity bills: In areas with time-of-use rates or demand charges, batteries can help save energy during periods of high demand.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar + storage helps you use more environmentally friendly energy, which means less pollution from fossil fuels.

Sizing Your Battery Bank

Worried about prolonged power outages or just looking to back up critical loads? You’ll need to size your battery system to ensure you have adequate reserves to meet your energy goals. Thankfully, the degree to which our systems provide backup power is adjustable depending on the size of the inverter, the size of the battery, and whether you choose to incorporate a generator or not. There is no limit on the size of the battery we can offer.

How Solar & Storage Works

A battery-based system provides a ‘reservoir’ of electricity that is ‘refilled’ by your solar panels when the sun is shining. At night or during an outage, you can then pull this stored energy from the batteries to power your critical loads! We offer scalable solutions to ensure your battery system is sized appropriately to meet your energy needs. From off-grid cabins to advanced microgrids and resiliency projects, we have decades of experience working with all kinds of battery technologies.

Inverter Options

Our systems pair any inverter option with one of the premium battery technologies below. For inverters, we’re proud to offer the rugged Outback Power Systems Radian line of inverters, which we’ve been working with in our projects for nearly 20 years. With excellent reliability and a virtuous customer interface, the Radian series offers both grid-interactive and stand-alone capabilities in the same package.

Smaller Loads (4 kW)

  • This power level offers plenty of power to run most major appliances and a combination of appliances.
  • Examples of appropriate loads include gas furnace blowers, refrigerators, any and all sump pumps, smaller well pumps, and electronics and entertainment devices.

Whole House Backup (16 kW)

  • This power level is recommended for whole-house power or for critical loads that are very large or likely to be operating at the same time such as a clothes washer and well pump.
  • Examples of appropriate loads include all the appliance listed under the 4kW inverter plus mini-split HVAC units, central air conditioners, and most individual power tools or compressor-based tools.

Large Homes (32 kW)

  • This level of power will be sufficient to cover the most demanding homes or homes with large or multiple air-conditioners.
  • Examples of appropriate loads include all appliances listed under the 4 kW and 8kW options plus multiple HVAC units or home medical equipment.

Larger inverters should be matched with a larger battery. Additional inverters can always be added if you are considering a future expansion of your system for increased power. Custom inverter systems can be built up to 80 kW.


Custom Clean-Energy Solutions HARNESS THE POWER OF Nature

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Energy Storage Options

  • BLUE ION: The Blue Ion 2.0 lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is the best value for off-grid living, period. Manufactured by the Hawaii-based Blue Planet Energy, the Blue Ion battery boasts an incredible 21-year life expectancy with 100% depth-of-discharge and an industry-leading 15-year performance warranty. These batteries are engineered to safely supply all your energy needs, even in the harshest environments.
  • HUMLESS: Already have solar and didn’t plan for a battery backup? Not a problem thanks to the innovative Humless Universal line of batteries. Humless takes the complexity out of energy storage by automatically recognizing and pairing with any inverter making retrofits simple and cost-effective. Even better, the Humless Universal batteries utilize safe, superior lithium technology meaning you’ll enjoy reliable backup power for years to come.
  • ROLLS BATTERY: Rolls Surrette premium deep cycle batteries are known worldwide for their ruggedness and durability and are used for everything from railroad applications to renewable energy. With a variety of battery types and capacities available, including AGM and GEL, the Rolls Batteries deliver industry-leading performance and reliability.
  • SUNPOWER® SUNVAULT™: Maximize your home solar usage with the new SunPower® SunVault™ Storage Solution. The SunPower battery can provide seamless backup power for your essential loads and appliances, including keeping the lights on and powering outlets and refrigerators. Power your home with the world’s first complete solar + solution designed by one company.
  • SUN XTENDER®: The American-made Sun Xtender® deep cycle AGM batteries are fully contained, maintenance-free, lead-acid batteries designed and engineered specifically for renewable energy applications. With an expected service life of 15+ years, Sun Xtender® batteries are built to store clean energy as safely and reliably as possible for both grid-tied and off-grid applications, with multiple sizes and capacities available.

Start your home or business on a path to energy security with safe and reliable energy storage solutions from Independent Power. Whether you’re looking to avoid the occasional power outage or live entirely grid-free, we have the customizable battery solutions to power your world.

For detailed information concerning the best solar battery storage for your property, contact our experts online or call (303) 963-9669.