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Rolls Surrette Premium Deep Cycle Batteries

Rolls Surrette premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation in the renewable energy industries for their dependability and reliability. Manufactured exclusively by the Surrette Battery Company, Rolls-branded flooded, AGM & GEL premium deep cycle lead-acid batteries are chosen worldwide for use in the railroad, marine, motive power & renewable energy industries. Dual container construction, high-density polyethylene materials, and unique “Resistox” plate design provide a life expectancy that is among the longest in the battery industry. Rolls battery

Some key Rolls battery features include:

  • Industry-leading liquid reserves (Rolls 4000 and 4500 Series)
  • Heavy plate construction (Rolls 4000 and 4500 Series)
  • Sealed shock and vibration-resistant construction (AGM Series)
  • Maintenance-free, spill-proof/leak-proof design (AGM Series)
  • Thick lead plates using Resistox plate design
  • Industry-leading battery warranties available

We offer Rolls Surrette premium deep-cycle batteries as they are safe, long-lasting, and deliver superior cycle lives. Discover the advantages these premium solar batteries bring to your project by starting with a free energy storage estimate.

Exceptional Battery Design

Rolls Surrette batteries are manufactured by the Surrette Battery Company, using premium components and construction techniques. Rolls Surrette stands behind its products with some of the longest warranties in the industry, up to 10 years for certain models. In practice, the Rolls batteries have been known to last up to 15 to 20 years.

Used in Systems Around the World

Rolls Surrette provides a variety of models within its renewable energy product line, including a wide range of voltage and capacity options for use in small to large-scale off-grid and backup power applications. With over six decades of experience and a reputation for quality products, this battery manufacturer is committed to delivering unparalleled performance and customer satisfaction.

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Eco-Conscious Engineering

rolls battery

Rolls batteries are known for their rugged, dual-container construction and rugged performance. Each cell is encapsulated in its own inner container made with a high grade, polypropylene shell and its own heat bonded cover. The cells are then further protected with a second, high-density, polyethylene outer container, allowing the battery to remain operable even if the outer container is broken. This eliminates the hazard of a toxic acid spill.

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