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SunPower® SunVaultTM Services

Take Control of Your Energy Use

Make the most of your SunPower® solar system’s industry-leading performance by pairing it with SunVaultTM Storage to reduce peak-time charges and maximize your solar use. SunVaultTM Storage integrates seamlessly with SunPower® solar systems creating the only home solar + storage solution designed and warrantied by one company. We’re proud to be a SunPower Elite Dealer and one of the first solar companies in the nation to offer the innovative SunVaultTM Storage System.

What’s Included With SunVaultTM?

SunVaultStorage is comprised of two boxes, the energy storage system and Hub+TM (the brains behind this system). Intelligent and intuitive software lets you choose how your stored energy is used.

Additionally, all customers receive access to SunPower’s mobile app to view their performance and manage system settings, including adjusting how much energy to save for backup and how much to use to reduce peak-time usage.

Bottle the Sun®

SunPower has been a global leader in delivering premium, high-efficiency solar energy solutions for home and business owners for more than 40 years. With their new SunPower Equinox® system + SunVault™ Storage solution, SunPower is now the only solar manufacturer to offer a complete solar plus storage option, including racking, inverters, monitoring, and more.

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Technical Details

The SunVault™ Storage solution seamlessly integrates with your SunPower Equinox® system to maximize your solar use. System specifications are as follows:

  • Continuous Power: 6.8 kW
  • Rated Energy Capacity: 13 kWh / 26 kWh
  • Energy Storage System Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26 x 63 x 15
  • Hub+™ Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 17 x 46 x 6 (surface mount)
  • Seamless transition to backup and back to the grid
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular
  • 10-year warranty
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use

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