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SunPower® SunVault™ Storage

In your home, power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night— and food fresh in the refrigerator—is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom and control.  And with SunVault™ Storage, you can maintain safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it.Solar Panels on Roof

Power when you need it

Let’s face it—power outages from natural events are simply part of our world these days. But that doesn’t mean your family can’t stay safe.
SunVault™ Storage helps you power your home with clean solar energy and store the excess for a rainy day. From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home—
be the house on the block where the lights shine bright and the energy bills drop.

Solar Panel on Roof at Night

Energy independence

Electricity costs are rising across the country. And utility companies charge more when they know you need it most.
But if you produce your own solar electricity and store it onsite with SunVault™ Storage, those peak-pricing surprises become a thing of the past. Make your own clean energy, store the excess for peak times and power
outages and break free from the power company grid games.

Solar Panels on Shingle Roof

Control your own home

It’s yours, after all—shouldn’t you be in control? With SunVault™ Storage, you set your own power preferences, monitor system operation and watch your energy savings climb with intuitive mobile software.
And behind the scenes, our advanced solar technology automatically reacts to external events, maximizing efficiency and ensuring seamless transfers from grid power to battery power and back. Ice-cold beverage anyone?

SunVault™ Storage on Phone

More power, longer life


With twice the power of conventional storage systems, you can run more appliances in an outage and feel good about doing it with clean, solar energy.


Our superior battery chemistry lets you use that extra power, and still get more battery life than conventional storage systems.


Our easy-to-use technology—backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty—means more time sipping margaritas, and less time calling SunPower support.

Automatic intelligence


Hub+™ automatically detects utility disruptions, so you switch seamlessly to backup battery power without lifting a finger.


Track your entire system from the palm of your hand before slipping into an air-conditioned nap. Cheers, software algorithm.


Choose the appliances connected to backup power and customize your energy use—and comfort—in the event of an outage.


Your battery storage system’s ability to provide electricity to your home will vary based on a number of factors, including: the amount of energy stored in the battery, the amount of wattage used by appliances and electronics connected to the storage system, the age of the battery, the battery’s ability to recharge during daylight hours due to weather, the frequency and duration of battery usage, and other factors. The battery storage system should not be relied upon as a power source for critical medical devices. Battery life will decrease with time and use.

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