Projects by Independent Power Systems

Aerial view of the Discovery Lodge in Estes Park, CO that highlights the solar panels on the roof. The angle changes so you can see the Lodge from the other side. The solar panels are still in view, as is a scenic shot of the rest of the valley. The shot changes and begins to pan up the Discovery Lodge sign outside the hotel. The shot changes again and pans horizontally, displaying the Lodge as well as its very scenic, mountainous surroundings. The angle changes twice more, showing closer up views of the solar panels on the roof of the Lodge. The next view is a scenic one of the town surrounding the lodge. The angle changes to show the entrance to the hotel parking lot where the large Discovery Lodge sign greets you. The next scene pans horizontally across the roof of the Lodge from a lower angle that shows a lot of bright blue sky in the shot. As the angle changes again, we return to an aerial view of the Lodge and its surroundings. There is a lake, a pond, a river, a golf course, and mountains surrounding the Lodge. The next angle is a side view of the hotel that better displays the doors and windows to each hotel room. The camera returns to an aerial position that displays the solar panels on three wings of the hotel roof. The next scene pans horizontally across the roof of the Lodge from a lower angle that shows the solar panels and the bright blue sky. The camera pans out from overhead showing the solar panels on the roof again. This bird's eye view is shown from multiple angles and directions before featuring the scenic valley in which the Discovery Lodge is located. There is a more focused shot of the golf course that is located directly next to the Discovery Lodge. This view pans out to feature the valley and mountains around the Lodge before ending with the Independent Power Systems logo and slogan, "Power Anything," centered in the middle of the video. 

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