Bozeman City Hall

Bozeman City Hall

Solar Power for Bozeman City Hall

The City of Bozeman, Montana, commissioned Independent Power to design and install a 6.72 kW solar power system. Its estimated energy production is 7,643 kWh per year.


Bozeman City Hall, which previously housed the city library and had been abandoned for three years, now features a 6.72 kW solar power system with 32 Sunpower 210 panels. It produces approximately 7,643 kWh per year. 

Independent Power combined the new system with existing “solar screens,” which were designed for the building in the early 1980s to reduce solar gain from the large south-facing windows. This merging of old and new technologies offers a visual demonstration of the progress of photovoltaic technology over a generation. Following the remodel, Bozeman City Hall achieved LEED Silver certification for Existing Buildings.