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Independent Power was awarded the 2007 SunPower ‘Intelegant Award for Excellence’ for installing solar power systems on five new homes in North Boulder’s Holiday Neighborhood. Developed by Coburn Development with the goal of creating more sustainable housing, these Holiday Neighborhood homes have solar arrays ranging in size from 3.4 to 5.2 kilowatts (kW) per house utilizing SunPower SPR-215 high-efficiency solar panels.

“We are very pleased to win this award from SunPower as a result of our work with Coburn Development,” said Independent Power President Tony Boniface. “At the Holiday Neighborhood, Coburn has integrated high quality, sustainable features in their homes. SunPower solar systems were the perfect choice for this project because they offer the highest quality and highest efficiency on the market.”

For Kate Frazier, who bought a home in the Holiday neighborhood with a 4.3 kW solar array, the benefits go well beyond sustainability. Within two months of moving in, Kate received a check from her electric company because her system overproduced. Thanks to the rooftop SunPower solar electric system, Kate is saving about $600 per year in electricity costs.

“I felt really inspired by what they’d put together, and by the prospect of reducing my carbon footprint,” she said. “You could tell the builder and community had a lot of heart for the project and were very enthusiastic. And, from a financial perspective, it seemed like a good investment. It’s the kind of home that will have more value over time.”

“I bought the house because of the SunPower solar system. Aesthetically, I was pleased with the all-black look of the panels, and I love the monitoring system that tells me how much electricity the system is generating and how much power I use everyday.”

SunPower Intelegant Awards recognize residential SunPower solar electric power system installations that exemplify SunPower’s commitment to excellence in aesthetics, quality and performance. Read more about Kate’s solar success story and the 2007 SunPower Intelegant Award.

“It’s cool that the system doesn’t require you to do "X, Y, Z." You don’t have to turn the panels to face the sun. There aren’t any switches. It just does what it does—it’s as reliable as the water. There’s no burden on me. I thought there would be more involvement.”



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