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Commercial Solar Services

Achieve your organization’s energy and sustainability goals while also earning a powerful return on investment with commercial solar solutions from Independent Power.

Solar power offers certain key benefits to users. These benefits include:

  • Improve your business’s bottom line and demonstrate environmental leadership with rooftop solar and solar carports.
  • Unlock powerful revenue streams and protect against unforeseen electricity outages with commercial energy storage solutions.
  • Take advantage of generous solar incentives for businesses including the 26% Solar Tax Credit and MACRS Depreciation.

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Are You in Control of Your Energy Costs?

Studies show that consumers are more willing to take their business to sustainably minded and socially responsible businesses. With solar and energy storage, your company will stand out as a green business while you also reduce your operations cost, increase property value, and receive a quick return on investment.

SunPower: A Total Eclipse of Conventional Solar

As SunPower Elite Dealers with Gold Tier pricing, we can offer the best solar available at the most competitive pricing. For more than 30 years, SunPower has been the leader in solar panel manufacturing and pushing the boundaries of efficiency. Because of this, SunPower solar panels deliver more energy over time than other types of solar panels. In fact, SunPower panels produce up to 60% more energy from the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. With the industry’s best 25-year warranty, SunPower stands behind its products and builds them to last with high quality, recyclable materials that have sustainability in mind.

With their unique solid copper foundations for added strength, SunPower® Maxeon® solar cells deliver performance beyond comparison. Virtually impervious to corrosion, Maxeon cells are built for reliability in all climates and have thick connectors to handle the daily expansion and contraction from changing temperatures.

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eGauge Energy Monitoring

Businesses with eGauge energy monitoring are protecting their renewable energy investments by monitoring for equipment issues, reducing unnecessary energy costs, and optimizing their energy production. In real-time, you can track your solar system’s production and the consumption of your business. By monitoring your loads, you can identify if certain equipment or electronics are using more energy than you’d like without your knowledge.

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Offering Businesses Solar & Storage Solutions

Energy storage becomes the most valuable when it’s acting as insurance and protecting against power outages. Some locations, such as coastal communities and islands, are more prone to power loss than others, but any location can benefit from an energy storage investment. After just a day of power loss, a small business could stand to lose as much as 18% of their revenue, which increases exponentially the longer the outage lasts. As utilities face more and more power quality challenges and effects of climate change become increasingly severe, the grid is expected to experience more frequent and disastrous outages.

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