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What Is a Solar Tracker?

Solar trackers are solar panels that follow the path of the sun in the sky, allowing you to produce the highest amount of solar power possible. There are two main types, single- and dual-axis solar trackers. Single-axis trackers move on a single point, tracking the sun from east to west. Dual-axis systems move both east to west and north to south, which allows them to directly track the sun’s movements—further optimizing your energy production.

Our team at Independent Power Systems performs industry-leading solar tracker system installation to utility, commercial, and institutional facilities—offering both single-axis and dual-axis solutions. We only use the most innovative and durable products on the market to ensure that rain or shine, your property receives the highest amount of clean renewable energy. We start every service with a free consultation, so you know exactly what the scope of your solar tracker installation entails.

To learn more about our solar tracker solutions call our experts today at (303) 963-9669.

How Can a Solar Tracker Help Your Property?

Not every property would benefit from investing in solar trackers. In fact, installing more panels or creating a hybrid system might offer similar benefits. Our team at Independent Power Systems wants to provide the most cost-effective energy solutions possible, so our in-house design team will develop a system that maximizes both your investment and your energy production.

Benefits of a solar tracker include:

  • Increased energy output
  • Saves space
  • Various types, allowing for a completely customized system
  • Minimizes time-of-use pricing issues

Our team at is committed to delivering innovative and customized solutions that last, which is why in addition to our installations, we offer repair, maintenance, upgrade, and retrofit services. Our team is made up of Master electricians, engineers, and experienced solar technicians who all work together to deliver a truly unparalleled solar solution. Whether you are looking for a fixed, single-axis system or a rotating, dual-axis system our team has the products and expertise to get the job done right. We also offer state-of-the-art energy monitoring system, so you are never in the dark about your facilities energy production or consumption.

If you are curious about how a solar tracker could help your property, give our engineers a call today at (303) 963-9669 or fill out our quick and easy online form.

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