Solar Trackers

Produce the highest amount of solar power possible with solar trackers that follow the sun’s path to for up to 40% more energy output.

Solar tracker installed in residential back yard
Single outdoor solar tracker installed in remote setting

About Solar Trackers

There are two main types of solar trackers, including single- and dual-axis. Single-axis trackers move on a single point, tracking the sun from east to west. Dual-axis systems move both east to west and north to south, which allows them to directly track the sun’s movements—further optimizing your energy production.

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Solar Tracker Benefits

  • Increase Energy Output

    Solar trackers increase energy output by following the sun’s path throughout the day, maximizing the amount of sunlight that the solar panels receive.

  • Save Space

    Solar trackers save space by allowing solar panels to produce the same amount of energy with less surface area, as they are able to optimize their angle towards the sun.

  • Minimize Time-of-Use

    Solar trackers minimize time-of-use pricing issues by generating the most electricity during peak demand hours, when energy prices are highest.

  • $12 trillion

    Saved switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy worldwide by 2050

  • 3-4X

    Increased energy efficiency through energy storage and technology

  • 4-7%

    Increase in home value after switching to all electric clean energy

  • 500

    Trees planted as the equivalent of an all-electric home that eliminates up to 10 tons of carbon per year

Single outdoor solar Tracker installed in remote setting

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