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A New Kind of Battery

The Blue Ion HI is a best-in-class energy storage system designed and manufactured by the Hawaii-based Blue Planet Energy. These batteries have an ultra-safe, non-toxic lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, requiring no rare materials and performing reliably even in the most challenging environments. Perfect for homes, businesses, and off-grid applications, the Blue Ion HI is precision-engineered to safely supply all your energy needs anytime, anywhere.

Rest easy knowing you have one of the longest-lasting, safest energy storage solutions supporting your solar power system. Get a FREE battery estimate today by calling (303) 443-0115 or filling out our online contact form.

Next Generation Technology

With an incredible life expectancy of 20+ years, the Blue Ion HI sets the bar for battery performance and is backed with a groundbreaking 15-year performance warranty. Unlike some battery technologies that only allow 50% depth-of-discharge, the Blue Ion batteries have a 100% discharge rate, meaning you can use the entire battery to power your home or business. The rugged exterior features aerospace-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and a matte black powder coat finish, all providing long-lasting protection and durability

Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy’s mission is to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels and power the world with clean, reliable, affordable energy. With their best-in-class Blue Ion batteries and the new LX Grid Optional️™ Commercial Energy Solution for Businesses and Critical Infrastructure, Blue Planet Energy is pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology and accelerating the energy transition.

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Made in the USA, the Blue Ion HI is easily scalable to match your project’s needs. Blue Ion HI enclosures are modular with capacities of 8 kWh, 12 kWh and 16 kWh, making expanding your system easy. The Blue Ion HI is an incredibly versatile option and seamlessly accommodates energy storage from a range of sources, including solar PV, generators, and the utility grid. For those looking to reduce their dependence on the grid, it even enables you to go 100% off the grid!

Monitor your system on the go, day or night! Blue Planet Energy’s proprietary Blue Ion BMU (Battery Management Unit) ensures you have the latest information on your clean energy storage system, including key metrics such as energy consumption and power, historical information, and battery status via either a web portal or a mobile app.

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