Move away from fossil fuels, improve the environment, and save money along the way with our efficient electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps.

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  • Electrify your house with a heat pump or mini split to break free of natural gas
  • Upgrade to an electric vehicle (EV) and stop paying for gas at the pump forever
  • Run it all on solar and eliminate all your utility bills!
  • Add battery storage and enjoy peace of mind anytime the grid goes out

Numerous benefits

Stay Cool and Cozy with Clean Energy:

Heat pumps for heating and cooling your home or business, cost less to operate, and are up to four times more energy efficient. They are quiet, consistent and free of natural gas, so they improve your indoor air quality for a healthier, comfier space.

Never Fill Your Gas Tank Again:

Electric vehicles are also key to reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you want to completely electrify your life or move to clean energy one step at a time, we will guide you to attain your goals.

Main Panel Upgrade:

To learn more about our all-in-one electrification, contact our team today.

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Clean energy

Modernize your home to generate zero carbon emissions with solar power, electric heat pumps for heating and cooling, and an electric vehicle charger for your EV. Imagine being able to live and travel with no negative impacts on the environment and never have to pay a utility bill again.

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    In customer utility savings

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    Increased energy efficiency through energy storage and technology

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    Increase in home value after switching to all electric clean energy

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    Switching to an all-electric home run by solar is a change that will eliminate up to 10 tons of carbon per year. That’s the equivalent of planting 500 trees a year.

What our customers say

We’ve had the privilege of helping some incredible people make their independent power dream a reality.

IPS helped us through all of the paperwork for the Climate Smart program. They answered all of our questions, sent us the proper documentation, and made sure everything was submitted before the deadlines.


IPS so very attentive and communicated well throughout our project.


Most Knowledgeable Solar Company


Loved Working with IPS


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