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Colorado's Premier Heat Pump installers

Modernize your home to heat and cool it with clean energy by with a heat pump installation, and never have to pay an energy or heating bill again. You can start with as few as one mini-split install added to a room to reduce dependence on an existing gas furnace. And just like solar, more can be added over time.

Heat Pump Myth-Busting!

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Heat pumps don't work in cold climates.

Untrue! Today’s technologies can handle any climate. Heat pumps are the most common heating system in Finland, Norway, and Sweden… brrr.

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Heat pumps are crazy expensive.

Not always true. If you’re starting from zero (i.e., new builds), heat pumps are likely less expensive than a gas furnace plus an air conditioner.

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Heat pumps are noisy.

Untrue again. They are typically quieter than an AC and run best on a consistent low gear that is virtually noiseless. Many also report an improvement in overall air quality.

Get Pumped!

Let's create your clean-energy future to start saving money today.